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Power of the Dragonflame

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  • My first impression of this album was a bit off. I didn’t have Rain of a Thousand Flames in hand yet and the difference between this album and Dawn of Victory is HUGE ! Another reviewer here complained that the format is the same, well yeah, I can’t argue that. ALL Rhapsody albums start with an instrumental intro and then rage into a powerful, in-your-face charge. That being a given, this album is far heavier than Dawn of Victory. If you did pick up the Rain of a Thousand Flames EP, it won’t seem that heavy as Rain really bridges the two albums quite nicely. In my opinion Power of the Dragonflame combines the best of Dawn of Victory and Rain of a Thousand Flames and mixes them flawlessly. Dragonflame doesn’t seem quite as rough as Rain was, the songs are much more fluid and focused. The songs also range from extremely heavy to soft ballads, a pace determined by, as well as complimentary to the story of the final chapter of The Emerald Sword Saga.If you are new to Rhapsody, and are considering this as your first album, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, however be aware this is by far their heaviest album. The final battles of the free world against all the forces of evil take place in the story on this album, meaning there are a lot of very intense songs. Compared to Symphony of Enchanted Lands, much of that albums harmonious melodies have been dropped for agression and power. This fits the story. I just want potential newcomers to be aware that this band has various albums ranging every area of metal.The intro “In Tenebris” is what you would expect from a Rhapsody intro, powerful and majestic.”Knightrider of Doom” is a very fast and powerful song and one of my favorites on this album. This is one of the two really heavy songs that caught me off guard when I first heard this album.”Power of the Dragonflame” is the other one. It starts like a death metal song, but once you hear the chorus, you realize you are listening to the most majestic Rhapsody song ever written. A very fitting tribute to the might of the Dragon. “The March of the Swordmaster” is a classic Rhapsody song. Dungeons & Dragons in metal. I love the chorus of this song. “When Demons Awake” is a slower, but very heavy song. In many ways this is a song that could have been on the first album if it wasn’t so heavy, it has that kind of atmosphere to it.”Agony is my Name” Ah yes, a no nonsense song that has all the makings of a great live tune. Strong and aggresive it has a great chorus with plenty of power to it.”Lamento Eroico” In a surprising turn, Rhapsody recorded this song all in Italian. The music is beautiful and haunting and I definately love the song…..I just wish I knew what they were saying.”Steelgods of the Last Apocalypse” While this song is a great song, if I had to pick a weak link on this album, this would be it. There’s just not much to the song. It seems to lack purpose.The chorus is catchy but overall the song just doesn’t live up to the rest of the album. “The Pride of the Tyrant” Majestic and uplifting, this song portrays the spirit of those making their last stand in a hopeless battle perfectly. I get chills listening to the chorus.”Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness” I won’t even try to describe this masterpiece. It is the crowning achievement of Rhapsody’s legacy of great songs (so far). My absolute favorite song.One last note, if you can spare the extra cash, get the 2-disc/DVD combo version of this album, it has a bonus song called “Rise from the Sea of Flames” that is one of the five best songs on the album. If you’re a fan, you’ll kick yourself if you miss out on having that song.Every album is better than the last, and Power of the Dragonflame is no exception. I cannot recommend this album enough !!

    Posted on November 21, 2009