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Power of the Dragonflame

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  • When i first bought this album i was pretty upset with the way it was presented. The cheesy pretense, the bad lyrics and song titles, turned me off quite a bit. Even the music was a bit extreme at first. I must say, however, it didnt take very long for this album to grow on me. Alex Staropoli and Luca Turilli are just fantastic musicians, their fills and solo’s never cease to impress me. Although they slightly overuse the “horror movie” progression (more well known by classical musicians as Franz Lizsts minor 3rd progression) in their song writing, they structure their songs almost perfectly. Rhapsody is definetly more talented(and MUCH better than) subpar bands like blind guardian, and stratovarius. Alex Staropoli’s usage of the keys and orchestra causes them to obtain an extremely unique and awesome sound that i must say very few bands have.Unfortunately, the only thing that brought this album down from 5 stars was the cheesy pretense and the completely non-poetic lyrics. If you can set those aside however, and just enjoy the music, then i highly recommend this album(and the others theyve done) over most of the stuff in the power/melodic metal genre. Fans of this band will also probably like Nightwish and Sonata Arctica. If you like this album then i highly recommend Nightwish’s Century Child and Sonata Arctica’s Winterheart’s Guild, those are absolutely excellent albums.

    Posted on November 21, 2009