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Power of the Night

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  • hello metallians, this cd belongs in every metal collection there is, this cd is one of the most true and die hard power metal albums you will ever hear, it is classic, like helloweens walls of jherico, and priests painkiller, and megadeths rust in piece. this is a true classic that will stand the test of time as one of the most inspirational albums ever of its kind. the guitars on this album thanks to the god himself(r.i.p. bud) are some of the best riffs and solos ever recorded, his fingers had to have gushed blood like a fountain after the recording session. some of the most timeless power metal songs ever can be found on this album. like shes unusual, or the title track, or the anthemic rocking ballad in the middle. this is one of the center pieces in my huge power metal collection and is sure to be playing in my cd player when i am old and in a home. your friend and brother in metal brandon whitson 25 of north carolina.
    ps. if you like this you absolutely have to get gutter ballet and hall of the mountain king and edge of thorns. and dont forget sirens

    Posted on March 5, 2010