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Power of the Night

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  • This is one (…) of an album. To this day, its in my personal Top 10. The production is sharp and crystal clear, the guitar is heavy and in your face and the Oliva Brothers show their immense talent throughout. Its a shame this wasn’t a bigger album, because its tremendous and a lot of people would really love it if they heard it. Their other releases are all good, but for me, “Power of the Night” stands out as their best. A great piece of hard rock/metal you won’t be disappointed buying.

    Just wanted to add…after reading another reviewer saying this was “The Quiet Riot album Quiet Riot didn’t have the talent to make” I had to say something… Are you kidding me????Savatage sounds NOTHING WHATSOEVER like Quiet Riot!!!!! Two totally different styles and sounds. And “glam metal” with all the usual cliches? If I had to describe Savatage, glam metal would be the LAST word I would use…I can’t understand how someone could hear this and think of Quiet Riot?? Savatage is 10 times better and more talented..just didnt want anyone to see that and NOT get this.

    Posted on March 6, 2010