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Power to the People

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There were two essential qualities to the Cult\\\’s music: Billy Duffy\\\’s soaring guitar lines and Ian Astbury\\\’s distinctive vocals. When that partnership dissolved in 1995, the Cult floundered. High Octane Cult wisely focuses on the band\\\’s better years, from the release of Love in 1985 to Sonic Temple in 1989, including hits like \\\”Fire Woman\\\” and \\\”She Sells Sanctuary.\\\” The fact that the latter turned up in a car commercial both indicates the Cult\\\’s position in the pop-metal pantheon and serves as a depressing reminder of the fate of much guitar-oriented rock. At least the same thing hasn\\\’t happened to Metallica. –Genevieve Williams

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  • Poison takes some tracks from their most recent tour, adds some new studio cuts for enticement, and you have Power to the People.. which, it should be said, has been done before, and slightly better, with Swallow This Live 10 years ago. But Power to the People will definitley please any Poison fan out there. Starting things off is something very un-Poison, the title track, which is the first (and probably only) time Poison’s ever sounded like they want to keep with the times. It doesn’t work. The remainder of the new cuts are all first-rate Poison, however, the best of the tracks being Can’t Bring me Down. C.C. Deville decides to take some spotlight and sing lead on ‘I hate every bone in your Body but mine’, and it’s not quite as awful as the title suggests, it’s actually quite good, but it does serve it’s point in telling us why C.C. never sang lead before. The live tracks are what you’d expect from a live album.. sped-up songs, plenty of hot-dogging from C.C. who honestly sounds like he’s having the time of his life, and Bret Michaels working the crowd like a faith healer, seemingly reinvigorated by being back on the road. The drawback is that the sound quality is rather poor for an offical live release, it sounds more like a common bootleg at times (especially on Fallen Angel, which is sad because the band gives a stellar performance). I hardly condone studio-re-touching on a live album, but a little post-production to sand out the rough edges never hurt anyone. Power to the People will quickly be snatched up by any Poison fan, and the new tracks justify the price of admission. But like most live albums, it’s not a starter, nor will it change anyone’s mind about the band, which truthfully, is sadly underrated. Take a listen to Crack a Smile for proof of that.

    Posted on January 7, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The VH-1 ranked #1 Glam Metal Band of All Time returned in 2000 to release their first album with the entire original line up in close to a decade. A lot has changed since the release of Flesh & Blood (the band’s previous last release) but from 10 seconds after I put this album in the machine, one thing has not changed. Poison still rocks.The title track, also the first track on the album, is a rather heavy song that I enjoyed studio and was even more energetic when I attended their live show a few weeks after this release. The other 4 new studio tracks on the album are “Can’t Bring Me Down,” a very up beat pop metal song that starts out oddly reminiscent of a song that I can’t place my finger on. Also on the album are “The Last Song,” a ballad of sorts that grows on you in time, “Strange” a far too pop rock sounding song, and CC Deville’s very first lead vocal performance with Poison in the track “I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine.” Cool title and a cool song. It’s heavy, melodic, and keeps all the great elements of classic Poison with a few new ones.But as good as having five new Poison songs may be, Poison’s live portion of the album is even better than the studio. This is where you will here all the classic Poison material like Something to Believe In, Every Rose has It’s Thorn, Nothin’ but a Good Time, and of course Poison’s first smash hit, Talk Dirty to Me. Overall, in an age of classic bands changing their sound to music that is awful and in my opinion selling out to get just one more successful tour, Poison stands tall and explodes with an image of not being ashamed of their past, but embracing it. Long live Rock and Roll, Long live Poison, and lets give some Power to the People!

    Posted on January 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This was an album that I’ve been wanting since I heard about it a year ago and I finally got it as a Christmas gift. It was worth the wait.
    This has five original songs, only one of which really deviates from the Poison tradition and that song is Powere to the People.Yes the title track of this album is a different direction for the band but good regardless.The other four will be recognizable instantly to the Poison Fan’s ear.
    The real stand out of the record is I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine sung by the one and only C.C. DeVille.The infamous guitarist flexes his singing skills on the song and actually sounds very good.
    The majority of the album however is live.There is nothing wrong with that though some believe it should’ve been left to the band’s Swallow This Live album but I own that CD aswell and prefer Power to the People because it seems a more energetic recording probably due to the fact that the band had just reunited.
    Overall this is a solid peice of work.

    Posted on January 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The album kicks off with 5 studio tracks, the last song”I hate every bone in body except mine” sung by CC, which to my surprise was quite catchy, I may even buy the Samantha 7 record on the strength of it. The other 4 songs are very good and shall be listened to for many a day. With the live tracks you get nothing you have not really heard before, there are no tracks of Native Tongue or Crack A Smile which is a bit of a let down (maybe CC can’t play em!). On the whole a good CD the live quality is not brilliant but you can tell that there have been no overdubs. If you are a Poison fan buy it for your collection if you are new to Poison just buy it anyway for the 5 studio tracks. END

    Posted on January 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I purchased this cd today, and I’m a little disappointed. The first 5 songs are new studio tracks, and I like 4 of them. Power to the People is a little heavy, unlike Poison a little. Can’t Bring me Down is a little more like it. The Last Song and Strange are ballads. I Hate Every Bone In You’re Body But Mine is a great tune, first lead vocal by C.C. Great tune! Totally fast and upbeat. I was a little disapointed by the live songs. I went to their concert last year, and in person, I thought it was a lot better. I don’t think they mixed it or overdubbed anything. It’s sounds pretty raw. Overall I think it’s a good cd. I’m going to the concert in Aug., they do put on one hell of a show. I hope this review helped some people out. For all the Poison fans out there, you definently want to buy it, but it probably won’t bring any new fans. Overall 4 stars, good, but not great! You need to go out and buy Crack a Smile and More. This is truly a very, very, good cd. Too bad C.C. isn’t on it though. Blues is a good player though. Peace…

    Posted on January 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now