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Power to the People

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  • I purchased this cd today, and I’m a little disappointed. The first 5 songs are new studio tracks, and I like 4 of them. Power to the People is a little heavy, unlike Poison a little. Can’t Bring me Down is a little more like it. The Last Song and Strange are ballads. I Hate Every Bone In You’re Body But Mine is a great tune, first lead vocal by C.C. Great tune! Totally fast and upbeat. I was a little disapointed by the live songs. I went to their concert last year, and in person, I thought it was a lot better. I don’t think they mixed it or overdubbed anything. It’s sounds pretty raw. Overall I think it’s a good cd. I’m going to the concert in Aug., they do put on one hell of a show. I hope this review helped some people out. For all the Poison fans out there, you definently want to buy it, but it probably won’t bring any new fans. Overall 4 stars, good, but not great! You need to go out and buy Crack a Smile and More. This is truly a very, very, good cd. Too bad C.C. isn’t on it though. Blues is a good player though. Peace…

    Posted on January 6, 2010