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Power to the People

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  • This was an album that I’ve been wanting since I heard about it a year ago and I finally got it as a Christmas gift. It was worth the wait.
    This has five original songs, only one of which really deviates from the Poison tradition and that song is Powere to the People.Yes the title track of this album is a different direction for the band but good regardless.The other four will be recognizable instantly to the Poison Fan’s ear.
    The real stand out of the record is I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine sung by the one and only C.C. DeVille.The infamous guitarist flexes his singing skills on the song and actually sounds very good.
    The majority of the album however is live.There is nothing wrong with that though some believe it should’ve been left to the band’s Swallow This Live album but I own that CD aswell and prefer Power to the People because it seems a more energetic recording probably due to the fact that the band had just reunited.
    Overall this is a solid peice of work.

    Posted on January 6, 2010