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Power to the People

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  • The VH-1 ranked #1 Glam Metal Band of All Time returned in 2000 to release their first album with the entire original line up in close to a decade. A lot has changed since the release of Flesh & Blood (the band’s previous last release) but from 10 seconds after I put this album in the machine, one thing has not changed. Poison still rocks.The title track, also the first track on the album, is a rather heavy song that I enjoyed studio and was even more energetic when I attended their live show a few weeks after this release. The other 4 new studio tracks on the album are “Can’t Bring Me Down,” a very up beat pop metal song that starts out oddly reminiscent of a song that I can’t place my finger on. Also on the album are “The Last Song,” a ballad of sorts that grows on you in time, “Strange” a far too pop rock sounding song, and CC Deville’s very first lead vocal performance with Poison in the track “I Hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine.” Cool title and a cool song. It’s heavy, melodic, and keeps all the great elements of classic Poison with a few new ones.But as good as having five new Poison songs may be, Poison’s live portion of the album is even better than the studio. This is where you will here all the classic Poison material like Something to Believe In, Every Rose has It’s Thorn, Nothin’ but a Good Time, and of course Poison’s first smash hit, Talk Dirty to Me. Overall, in an age of classic bands changing their sound to music that is awful and in my opinion selling out to get just one more successful tour, Poison stands tall and explodes with an image of not being ashamed of their past, but embracing it. Long live Rock and Roll, Long live Poison, and lets give some Power to the People!

    Posted on January 6, 2010