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Power to the People

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  • Poison takes some tracks from their most recent tour, adds some new studio cuts for enticement, and you have Power to the People.. which, it should be said, has been done before, and slightly better, with Swallow This Live 10 years ago. But Power to the People will definitley please any Poison fan out there. Starting things off is something very un-Poison, the title track, which is the first (and probably only) time Poison’s ever sounded like they want to keep with the times. It doesn’t work. The remainder of the new cuts are all first-rate Poison, however, the best of the tracks being Can’t Bring me Down. C.C. Deville decides to take some spotlight and sing lead on ‘I hate every bone in your Body but mine’, and it’s not quite as awful as the title suggests, it’s actually quite good, but it does serve it’s point in telling us why C.C. never sang lead before. The live tracks are what you’d expect from a live album.. sped-up songs, plenty of hot-dogging from C.C. who honestly sounds like he’s having the time of his life, and Bret Michaels working the crowd like a faith healer, seemingly reinvigorated by being back on the road. The drawback is that the sound quality is rather poor for an offical live release, it sounds more like a common bootleg at times (especially on Fallen Angel, which is sad because the band gives a stellar performance). I hardly condone studio-re-touching on a live album, but a little post-production to sand out the rough edges never hurt anyone. Power to the People will quickly be snatched up by any Poison fan, and the new tracks justify the price of admission. But like most live albums, it’s not a starter, nor will it change anyone’s mind about the band, which truthfully, is sadly underrated. Take a listen to Crack a Smile for proof of that.

    Posted on January 7, 2010