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Power Windows

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  • This is Rush at perhaps their most powerful, both musically and lyrically. This is a trend that would continue into Hold Your Fire. However, unlike that album, this one rocks much more.Power Windows is an even more radical departure from Grace Under Pressure as Signals was from Moving Pictures.The keyboards on this album sound beautiful and add so much texture. From the sweeping symphonies of Manhattan Project to the majestic chorus’ of Marathon this album packs a powerful punch.The rhythm section here is at it’s tightest ever. Neil turns in some of the most complex and powerful drumming of all time and Alex’s guitars are at their emotional peak…just listen to the heartfelt solo in Marathon. This album also marks the first use of overdubbed chorus’ by Lee…something that will dramatically increase over the next few releases.Again, there is a theme to this album…this time it’s power. Power in money (Big Money), talk (Grand Designs), weapons (Manhattan Project), persistance (Marathon), world domination (Territories), dreams (Middletown Dreams), emotions (Emotion Detector) and the unknown (Mystic Rhythms).This album ranks among the best Rush albums ever. The music ties in with the lyrics and the lyrics tie in with an overall theme…a masterful work that should not be overlooked.

    Posted on March 3, 2010