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Power Windows

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  • If the Albums Rush through Hemispheres can be called, the ‘Classic Era’, then Permanent Waves through Hold Your Fire can be known as the ‘Golden Era’ of Rush. The time when Rush evolved musically into more than just a Guitar based, progressive rock band. Power Windows clearly marks the pinnacle of this period in the band’s songwriting. The delicate balance between Keyboards and Open-Ended Melodies here are married very well with classic, tight song-writing, and the enigmatic themes that have personified the lyrical context of their music. From the powerful openning chord of the ‘Big Money’, to the thought-providing ideals of the ‘Manhattan Project’, and continuing with the adrenaline inducing elements of ‘Marathon’, this album delivers more than just music for your ears, but also rhythms for your soul. In addition, the music showcase what rush fans already know so well, the superior musical abilities of the band. Songs like ‘Mystic Rhythms’ demonstrate why Neil Peart is quick to come of the lips of many fans when the question of Best Rock Drummer is asked. Alex’s guitar works is as solid and cohesive as ever. But it is Geddy who really shines on this compilation. Adding the keyboard element to his typical impressive Bass Lines and solid vocals, he reveals why he may be the most versatile and talented musician in all of progressive rock. Like a good movie, a great music album is one that continues to ring in your ears and your mind long after the music has stopped. And this album, has kept my mind wandering for many a night. If not to be liked, this album must at a minimum be experienced by any true rock fan.

    Posted on March 3, 2010