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Power Windows

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  • Great album. True, it reaks of the eighties, but can you name a more progressive and innovative album from this time period? No, I’m sure you can’t, if you’ve heard POWER WINDOWS. While most other Rush fans would dismiss this album as a new-wave sellout piece, I believe Rush were just trying to progress (you know, like progressive rock artists should?). Geddy Lee’s Wal bass, which he introduced on this LP, gives off funky bottom-end flare in Marathon; Alex Lifeson’s guitar work is tasteful and sharp, as always, and, of course, Neil “The Professor” Peart dishes out crackling snare drum hits and thundering bass-drum kicks, along with his signature time signature changes and flawless percussion. Oh, and the synths aren’t to shabby either. Haters be hatin’, while I be listenin’.

    Posted on March 3, 2010