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  • Im going to start by saying this album is in my top 5 favorite cds and i have over 100. 1. Aces High: This starts the album off with a bang. The guitar riffing is fast, high pitched, and adrenline pumping, not a very heavy song, but still metal and just as good.There is also a great solo by Dave Murray. You’ll like this song if you like faster, higher pitched, metal songs. 10/102. Two Minutes to Midnight: This was Maidens highest single of this album and for good reason, it has a cool riff and a very catchy chorus. Bruce dickinson does a pretty good vocal performance on this song. The guitar riff is much like Ted Nugent’s Stormtrooping. 10/103. Losfer Words (Big Orra):This was Maidens last instrumenatal,and unfortunatly it was not another Ghengis Khan. It has a fast heavy Prog Rock Sounding riff to it, this song is complety unique and I haven’t heard anything like it. 8/104. Flash of the blade: The song starts out with a unusual riff that sound like it could be part of a Ozzy Osbourne guitar solo.when the lyrics start both guitarists do your typical iron maiden power cord riffing. There is a cool sychronized solo played in octaves in the guitar bridge. 8/10 5. The Duellists. Starts off with more heavy guitar riffing. Steve Harris plays his bass great in this song, providing a good backup sound in the chorus and the guitar solo that follows. Some parts of this song are very heavy, other parts are filled with melody, and in some parts there is both. There is an excellent guitar bridge and solo. 9/10 6. Back in the Village: It’s a decent song but it pales in comparison to all the other songs, it has a really wierd sounding main riff. When the guitar solo starts at 2:30 the song gets really good with good riffs and a guitar solo. 7/10 but 9/10 for the solo7. Powerslave: This is the secound best song on the album, the opening guitar riff is fast, galloping, and vicous sounding. Then it gets even better during the chorus when the riff changes into something even nastier and faster then the opening one. After the secound chorus the song complety mellows out into a slow beatiful guitar solo, this goes on for a minute then the drums kick in and in launches a fast, powerful, absoluty rocking guitar solo, with Steve Harris’s Bass loudly playing along in a catchy little rhythm during the solos. 11/108. Rime of the Ancient Mariner. The album ends with one maidens finest songs ever. Every single memmber of the band shines on this song, there are more good guitar riffs in this song then on any 10 Nu-Metal albums, nevermind make that 20 albums, i kinda forgot how bad nu-metal is. This song is complety fasicnating and still amazes me. The whole album is worth the price just for this 14 minute epic masterpiece.13/10Sorry if you didn’t understand me or i rambled on, but i just love this album, buy it! Please tell me what you thought of my review by pressing yes or no, im just curious to see if i was helpful at all. Thanks for reading.and one other thing listen to wrathchild (the reviewer below me.) he is absoluty right about everything he said, screw king diamond and all that satanic sh*t.

    Posted on January 2, 2010