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Practice What You Preach

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  • Testament was lumped in with all the Metallica “wanna-be”s back in the mid-to-late 80s, which was unfortunate, because this album resembled Metallica only in the sense that it was thrash metal. This album stands up just fine on its own, and comparisons to Master of Puppets are just unnecessary. The sounds are very different, from the bass guitar to the drums, to Chuck Billy’s vocals.The standout tracks on this album, for me, are: “Practice What You Preach,” “Perilous Nation” (which has a nifty, jazzy little outro), “Sins of Omission” (an awesome, frantic thrash song), “The Ballad” (a nice acoutic bit that builds up to a great heavy ending), and “Nightmare (Coming Back to You)” (a blast of thrash).The guitars, while generally going for that coveted late-80s “heaviest of metal” (insert sign of the devil here) sound, always maintain a subconsciously jazzy edge and Chuck Billy’s voice is a nice compliment to them. The only thing I might have ever had a tiny gripe about was the “clickety”-ness of the kick drums. It would have been nice to put a little bass in there.Overall, though, Practice What You Preach belongs on the shelf next to Master of Puppets, Peace Sells…but Who’s Buying?, and Among the Living as some of great early thrash albums.Get it if ya ain’t got it!

    Posted on December 28, 2009