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  • Presence is the most underrated album in the Led Zeppelin catalog. Released after the sprawling double album that was Physical Graffiti, Presence contains only seven tracks. The album was recorded while Robert Plant was on the mend from an almost fatal car crash and the songs are heavier on the instrumentation side to compensate for Mr. Plant’s physical condition. The album offers a chance for Jimmy Page to really stretch the limits of his guitar playing and the album contains some his most intricate and interesting work. “Achilles’ Last Stand” opens the album and it is an absolutely amazing track. Stretching out over ten minutes, the song is an epic display of the band’s musical prowess. “Nobody’s Fault But Mine” has a ringing guitar and thunderous drum playing from John Bonham. “Candy Store Rock” has an old time rock and roll feel with Mr. Plant sneering on it like the King himself. “Hots On For Nowhere” is fun and loose song that rambles joyfully along. “Tea For One” is a slow blues dirge that ends the album on a sobering note. Presence was yet another number one album for the band.

    Posted on February 26, 2010