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  • This album really holds a special place in my heart. Not only was it the first RUSH CD I ever owned (thanks Ma), but I saw them live for the first time on the PRESTO tour. I saw the video for “Show Don’t Tell” on Mtv and became hooked. I drove my friends nuts senior year of ‘91 by playing the hell out of this CD. If you haven’t seen Rush live, you’re missing out. From the lasers to the 2 giant inflatable bunny rabbits coming out of 2 top hats to Neil Peart’s awe-inspiring drum solo, it was at the time the greatest concert I ever saw. PRESTO begins with “Show Don’t Tell” complete with the band’s signature complex time changes. Other highlights include “The Pass” an anti-suicide song beautifully written musically and lyrically. (You should see the video) “Scars” simply rocks with its anthemic chorus and tribal beats. The title track gives Alex Lifeson a chance to shine. “Superconductor” is the heaviest track on the album; although it rocks, YOU should hear it live! “Anagram (for Mongo)” Uh, I still don’t know the parallel between the lyrics and the title, but it’s still great. “Hand over Fist” is another catchy tune with great lyrics and sing-along chorus. The final track is the beautiful “Available Light”. I cannot recommend this album enough. I surprisingly heard a lot of people complain about the album being not heavy enough and lacking another “Tom Sawyer” or “Spirit of Radio”. Cry me a river. I don’t know if this is their best album, but it still remains my favorite. From start to finish there isn’t a bad song here.Enjoy the magic.

    Posted on November 18, 2009