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Prey for Eyes

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  • This is my first experience with The Red Chord, which I decided to pick up on a whim at the local record store. After a couple of spins (back to back, I might add), I am definately a fan.

    The Red Chord play a very fast and agressive technical style of metal with “death” style vocals, and intense, hyper-busy drumming (of course). What sets this band apart for me, however, is the interesting (and disturbing) concept of the album itself; seemingly the story of a former politician’s descent into guilt-ridden paranoia, delusions and madness- as well as the sheer intensity and experimentation of the music. The guitar and bass are a rapid-fire barrage; constantly either morphing into another cool, technical and odd-metered riff or stopping on a dime to do something completely unexpected. I’m definately interested in hearing more of this band….highly recommended for any fan of intense and intelligent modern metal.

    Posted on November 24, 2009