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Prey for Eyes

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  • I saw The Red Chord perform on the Mayhem Festival and from the first song, one of the real surprises of that concert/festival. They aren’t much to look at, but they are sonically a truly impressive menace.

    Compared to most of the bands on that tour, these guys sounded more extreme than just about any other band(that’s just my opinion, maybe you find Disturbed to be “way out there”…ok), blast beats, great time/tempo changes, great technical guitar work, strong gutteral vocals. They truly defy categorization (thank satan! way too much categorization in metal these days), but if I may try my hand at one, prog-death-neo-thrash-core-with-a-dash-of-black metal. (yeah, that’s what categories gets you!)

    The only complaints I have: while I like the vocals, I feel like they get in the way sometimes of spaces where the rest of the band could shine-there is a lot of musical talent going on here. That, and the songs could almost stand to be longer. The ‘phonetic’ title track “Pray for Eyes” is so far my favorite track because it addresses those issues.

    Buy this album, seek them out in concert. Red Chord has a ton of potential.

    Posted on November 24, 2009