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  • One of my favorite live albums from one of my favorite tours by one of my favorite bands, now remastered for pristine sound. I was disappointed that the bonus tracks on this remaster didn’t mimic the track listing for the VHS version of this CD, which included four songs not on the original album – “Desert Plains”, “Locked In”, “Hell Bent For Leather”, and “Green Manalish (With The Two-Pronged Crown)”, all of which were of course performed at the same concert on the same tour. This new remaster does include “Hell Bent”, but foregoes the other three songs in favor of “Screaming For Vengeance” and “Rock Hard, Ride Free”, neither of which came from the 1986 Fuel For Life tour despite what the packaging reads. In fact, prior to “Screaming”, Rob tells the crowd, “Here’s the title track from the new album,” indicating that it is from the tour supporting the “Screaming For Vengeance” album 3 or 4 years earlier. The version of “Hell Bent For Leather” here is also obviously not from the VHS version, since the video was filmed in Dallas, TX and this version ends with Rob saying “Thank you St. Louis!” It could still be from the Fuel For Life tour, not sure.Live versions of “Desert Plains” and “Locked In” are bonus tracks on other remastered Priest albums, and an older live version of “Green Manalishi” has always been available on “Unleashed In The East”, so it’s not like those songs don’t exist at all on CD, but it would’ve been nice to have all four on here so I could have the perfect audio companion to the “priest…live!” VHS tape. There is one way Judas Priest can make this up to me – re-release the video version on DVD!

    Posted on December 23, 2009