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  • Some say they liked the Fuel for Fire tour others say no. That aside, this double disc is pretty good. The sound is a bit “overgeled” somehow. Apparently it was digitally recorded (one of the first for that era). I don’t know whether that’s bad or not though. Halford’s vocals are very loud and kind of “echoey”. However, the recordings are taken from big arena venues (13,000 and 20,000 in attendance), so I’m not sure that it was a bad way of recording. I think it was rather good (especially from the perspective of Halford’s vocals). “Unleashed in the East” is a much smaller venue recording, so no doubt it will sound better. Whatever is lost in sound quality (which you inevitably will lose at a large venue) is made up with with the sheer vibe/energy. I actually didn’t like Defender’s of the Faith or Turbo that much because they were computer generated sound productions. This one is live and real. I agree with other reviewers that “Unleashed in the East” is their best live CD, but this disc is worthwhile. And unlike other reviewers I love the song “Out in the Cold”. It is actually the best opener they could have had for that era and it is arguably the only standout ballad the band has done. It works well in the context of Halford slowly swaggering up the stairs from behind the stage singing the first few lines out of view and then appearing… Perfect. If you saw the concert you will appreciate what I’m saying. In conclusion then, I would rate the CD like this:
    Song Performances: 8/10
    Sound Quality: 7/10
    Vibe/Energy: 10/10

    Posted on December 23, 2009