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  • With the sheer energy of the first live record, I was a bit disappointed with this one. First of all, the sound is somewhat flat, which is unfortunately characteristic of early digital recordings. it was recorded during the Fuel for Life tour in 1986 in support of the relativley disappointing ‘Turbo’ record, and contains some of that record’s worst tracks, including “Rock You All Around the World” and “Parental Guidance”. The result is a mediocre live album.The remaster of the first Priest live record, ‘Unleashed in the East’, is the best of the remasters (in my opinion) because they added four live tracks that were recorded at the same time but never fit on the original single LP. With this remaster, extending the compacted single CD back out to a double CD (as the original was a double LP), Sony could have done the same – adding such 1986 tour tracks as “Locked In”, “Victim of Changes”, “The Green Manalishi”, and “Hell Bent for Leather” (three of which appear on the recently released ‘Electric Eye’ DVD). Unfortunately, we only get only the last cut from the 1986 tour, and two other live tracks from two other tours – “Screaming for Vengeance” from 1982 show and “Rock Hard, Ride Free” from a 1984 show. As with all but one of the other remasters, Sony has missed the opportunity to do it right.

    Posted on December 23, 2009