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Prince & The New Power Generation

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  • For reasons of simplicity I will call this “Symbol album”. It came on the back of Prince’s then record breaking $100m record deal with Warner Bros, due in no small part to the bargaining power “Diamonds and Pearls” being a major success had given him.Prince attempted to incorporate a storyline into this album (featuring Kirstie Alley as a reporter) in a “Rock Opera” type style. However these segues fragment the album, leave the listener confused, and are rather ineffective. We are better to look at the music imbetween. :) Kicking off with the raw and angry “My Name Is Prince” he lets everyone know he is still the best and makes thinly veiled digs at Michael Jackson amongst others. He half raps the vocal and Tony M joins in at end (As with Diamonds And Pearls he is all over the album). Then follows the homage to James Brown “Sexy Mf”, in an edited format it was a substantial single. Very funky and addictive it is too. :) “Love 2 The 9’s” is clever and complex although its attempt to weld two different songs falls a little short (Delicate R&B and hardcore rap chant). “The Morning Papers” is a pretty, swaying rock song with nice guitar solos. “3 Chains O’ Gold” is Prince doing “Bohemian Rhapsody” and very interesting, is he being ironic? Is it a pastiche? Nevertheless it’s a fun song. :) Two other highlights in my eyes are “7″ a steadily-paced mid-tempo rock song which starts a cappella and the funky gospel chant “Sacrifice Of Victor” which closes proceedings.Disregarding the “storyline” this long album (16 tracks) is as always diverse in genre (Hip-hop to rock), generally consistent and contains trademark Prince songs “Sexy Mf” and “7″ so it is well worth checking out. I prefer the previous years “Diamonds and Pearls” overall though.

    Posted on December 15, 2009