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Prince & The New Power Generation

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  • I signed up to this web site to pay this album its just due. Largely overlooked, this CD was one of Prince’s crowning acheivements. If 1999 was a sign of what was to come with Purple Rain, then Diamonds and Pearls was Prince warming for the Symbol album. The album finds Prince sucessfully covering more musical ground in 75 minutes than most artists would attempt in their entire career. There’s something here for everyone – Rock (The Continental), Dance (Melt With U), Reggae (Blue Light), Funk (The Maxx, Sexy MF, My Name is Prince) and everything in between (Damn U, Arrogance and Sacrafice of Vistor). Oh and if you need a hit, this the album where the single 7 is from. Each song has its own distinct personality and so well written that they stay in your head after just one listen. I must admit, this is not my favorite album (that title goes to his 1987 classic Sign O’ The Times), but its one that shouldn’t be overlooked. When people ask me which Prince album they should try first, I always recommend this one as it can not be categorized… most people should find much of this album appealing. He trades in the raunch of the 80’s for style and sophistication. The album has it’s sexy moments, but they are much more subtle. If you are a music fan, but not a Prince fan – this is an album you should check out!

    Posted on December 15, 2009