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Prison of Desire

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  • “Prison of Desire” is a terrific debut CD. Probably the best debut in the genre in years! With the astounding vocals of Floor Janssen, the bonecrushing grunts of Sander Gommans and the terrifying screams form Mark Janssen, After Forever have been able to create a great CD. The music can be compared to bands like the Gathering, Within Temptation and Nightwish (one of my personal favorites). A lot of bands sound like this, but only a few bands are able to create a sound like After Forever has done. With magnificent songs like “Beyond me”, “Yield to temptation” and “Ephemeral” they should be able to compete with the best in their genre. Especially “Yield to temptation” has got some parts that would make Cradle of Filth proud. Everybody who likes gothic, power and even black metal MUST buy this CD. I can practically garantuee you that it’s worth the bucks…

    Posted on November 27, 2009