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  • With these reviews, there seem to be two camps: Metalheads who are following the Underground Masters, and Dave Grohl fans. People from both sides say this is a good/bad album.
    Not to sound elitist or anything, but I’d say I’m in a very good position to review this CD. Growing up, I was into alternative rock such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Faith No More, you get this jist. Anyways, since my Pre-Teen days, I’ve branched out into a lot of different generas, but still keeping my alternative roots. Today, my main genera is Metal. The reason why, the simple fact that Metal is producing most of the great albums of the decade (such as Mastodon’s Leviathan, Satyricon’s Volcano, Pig Destroyer’s Terrifyer, Cathedral’s Endtyme, Amon Amarth’s Versus the World, and Anthrax’s We’ve Come For You All). So to all who say that this is a compilation of musicians from a washed up genera: Bully to you! Metal didn’t “die” in the 90’s, it went into the underground. Just like the talent from Rock is now coming from more obscure directions, while Metal is proliferating in the 00’s.

    Now, as to the CD:
    Dave did a great thing here: Showing the musical fruits of Metal. For this reason, Probot is the best record to show a new fan the vast diversity within the genera.

    1. Centuries of Sin- A great opener. A little more in Venom’s recent style than their old-school kind. Still a great track though, and Cronos sounds more menacing than ever! Lyrics are fairly cheesy though.
    2. Red War- I love Sepultura, but don’t like Soulfly. This is why I was a bit offset about this song, it was in the Soulfly format. Despite this, it is a great song for what it is, and I enjoyed the heaviness of it.
    3. Shake Your Blood- One thing I found hilarious about some of the “Rockers” here bashing the album, is that a good deal of them have never heard of Lemmy. I’ll tell you this right now, if you think you know anything about the history of Rock N’ Roll, but don’t know Lemmy, you’re a joke, period. The riffs on this song are cool, but they don’t quite sound as Motorheadish as I would expect. More chuncky, less speed. It is as fun as hell though!
    4. Acess bablyon- Some people say it’s too short, but hey! That’s what C.O.C.’s first two albums were like! The vocalist sounds very energetic (I do not have the C.O.C. album that he’s on though), and it even out-thrashes the opening track.
    5. Silent Spring- 2nd best lyrics on the whole album, right behind Snake’s track. DRI’s lead singer delivers with intensity, and like Shake Your Blood, is chunkier rather than speedy, unlike what I’d expect. I REALLY need to get a DRI album.
    6. Ice Cold Man- Unlike pretty much everybody else’s opinion, this is my favorite song. Cathedral’s style is hard to digest, even for most Metalheads! I didn’t like it at all the first three times I heard it, but then I realized the perfectly haunting atmopshere that envelopes you slowly from the beginning. Probably the Heaviest (Note: Heaviness does not = speed or aggression) track on the whole album.
    7. The Emrald Law- A very epic sounding track. For all you Rock fans, I highly suggest you get a St. Vitus album. Despite them never being popular, they have a sound that many people of different tastes would probably like (same with the band Trouble, track 9). I’d have to say though. Wino’s vocals sound a bit odd on the refrain, but overall the riffs are majestic, and the song has fantastic tempo changes.
    8. Big Sky- Tom. G. Warrior. What else can you say? This man is a true musician in every sense of the word. I don’t know if he’s been doing anything important recently, but his work with Celtic Frost is monumental! There are no symphonic parts on this track, but it uses riffs to create an atmopshere reminecent of a dark and desolate place.
    9. Dictatorsarus- As I said before, best lyrics off the album, it’s just so fun! Snake’s voice doesn’t sound as odd as it usually does (I haven’t bothered to check out their recent stuff though, and I probably never will), and like others have said, it is much like an early Voivod song. It is sci-fi themed, not in a silly manner though, but in a creative way.
    10. My Tortured Soul- A very somber track from the vocalist of Trouble. Good lyrics, but the song isn’t very heavy at all (which isn’t a fault, of course). You have to just smile when you hear the heartfelt deliverance of the refrain.
    11. Sweet Dreams- No my favorite, but still cool. Like Ice Cold Man, I had to get used to it. It is more of a power ballard, with the gothicy vocals of King Diamond pushing through the sludgy riffs. The lyrics are cheesy, as are any Mercyful Fate or King Diamond lyrics are (but that’s what makes them so fun at the same time!)
    12. A HILARIOUS track. What can ya say?

    Posted on January 4, 2010