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Promised Land

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  • Promised Land is an incredible album that stands strong on its own merits, even outside of comparison to other QR efforts.As others have observantly stated, chances are Promised Land will not “grab” you on the first listen.. It didn’t grab me at first; something I believe owes alot to its being so opposite a release than Empire. There’s *so* much going on that you *couldn’t* get it all on one listen. It isn’t possible. But given the chance, reading the lyrics and listening to it atleast *once* with a good set of headphones.. it *will* grab you. It is by far the most personal of their efforts and is, in my opinion, the most masterfully crafted.From the songwriting to the performances, arrangements, “ambient layering” and production – everything is top-notch. The music, lyrics and Geoff’s vocal delivery of each song are perfectly matched. If the raw emotion conveyed in the last verse of “Promised Land” alone doesn’t draw some derivative of “whoah” out of you… little else will.If, as many people seem to feel, “Mindcrime” was the peak of ‘ryche’s career, then Promised Land is undoubtedly their second wind. My personal favorites are: ‘Damaged’, ‘Bridge’, ‘Promised Land’, ‘One More Time’ and ‘Someone Else?’. All eleven tracks are brilliant and Promised Land is a work that no lover of deep, intelligent and masterfully conceived music should pass on giving a chance… or two… or three :-) .

    Posted on November 29, 2009