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Promised Land

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  • People whine about HITNF but the truth is Queensryche’s sound has evolved considerably all along. The EP was metal. The Warning was metal tinged with progressive. Rage was metal tinged with more progressive and some pop. Mindcrime was metal — progressive in the sense of telling a story, but musically, metal. Their masterpiece. Empire started the shift to a more lush pop sound, very much in Pink Zeppelin/Led Floyd sort of way while retaining some metal. With Promised Land, the metal was polished to such a smooth mirrored finish it’s not really metal at all, but a masterful popcraft and one of the most listenable albums of the last decade. From here things went arguably south, but Promised Land is the Queensryche album the boys and girls, fans and non fans, critics and MTV viewers, can all agree on. Apart from Mindcrime, if you have one ‘Ryche, have this one.

    Posted on November 29, 2009