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Promised Land

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  • Quite simply, this is the finest effort in the Queensryche catalog. Rage For Order may be a little more musically ambitious, but R4O’s problem is that it sounds dated, as great as it is. Promised Land sounds as fresh and vibrant today as the day I bought it. One of the top reasons for this album being their best, besides the music, is the fact that it has QR’s most personal and introspective lyrics. Let’s face it, as great as albums like Rage For Order and Mindcrime are, the lyrics lose their impact after a while. Can you really relate at all to Nikki from Mindcrime??? Promised Land has lyrics that I think a lot of people can indentify with, but that take on more and more meaning as you get older. How many of us have felt estranged from a parent or loved one at one time or another? Or felt like the goals you set earlier in life now seem out of reach? When I hear the words on this album, combined with music ranging from hard-hitting (I Am I), tragic (Someone Else), haunting (Lady Jane) to despairing (Promised Land), it makes that much more of an impact.No, you will not hear wanking guitars. No, you will not hear the usual amount of over-the-top Geoff Tate vocals. No, you will not get a sonic assualt of drum and bass. What you will absolutely get is an album of powerful music and lyrics, one that you can make a connection with (and yes, you can live a happy life and still identify with downcast lyrics), and one that will not leave you the same person as before.

    Posted on November 30, 2009