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Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide

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  • When Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel) and Max Cavalera (Sepultura) decided to join forces and do something, it was impossible to conceive that what they were going to make wouldn’t be heavy, or at least in some way destructive. Whilst it is in Alex’s character to do something just like that, the fact that Max was there negated the possibility, and with Point Blank, we were treated to Alex’s sarcastic bile in an explosive axis with Max’s pure hatred. Point Blank promised much, but the songs suffered in production. With Proud to commit Commercial Suicide, the songs were played live and given the proper delivery they deserved ie relentlessly violent. Think Sepultura. Think Fudge Tunnel. Think thirty one times heavier and you will have some conception of what this record sounds like. Recorded at the Dynamo festival in 1995, the actual performance featured many celebrities, Dave from Neurosis, Evan from Biohazard, Mr. Fulber from Frontline Assembly (i think), DH peligro from the Dead Kennedys, and Igor and Andreas from some brazilian band… Max’s voice was on great form that day, and no amount of technical hitches could conspire to cover that fact. Indeed, his aural catharsis in the dying throes of ‘Religious Cancer’ would put Barney of Napalm Death to shame. The songs themselves are tight, but loose at the same time, if you understand the dichotomy. The band play very tight, but loose enough to allow the songs to really grind and destroy. It is quite easy to imagine the whole crowd going nuts to this. The sheer aural semtex that is ‘World of Shit’ could be coronated with the status ‘classic’, and there are many other gems on offer here, not least a storming cover of the Dead Kennedys ‘Police Truck’, where Alex’s punky vocals sound fantastic. There are no fillers in the live songs. Judging by the sound of them, it would seem that they were written with live performance in mind. The live parts on the album never sound forced, boring or self-indulgent, and of the studio tracks, ‘Zero Tolerance’ only disappoints. If you have ‘Point Blank’, sell it. And then buy this. Sell anything, because this is a record you seriously cannot afford to be without. It is harsh, abrasive and brutal. But it is also one of the best. I rarely say: ‘ if you consider yourself a metal fan…’, but it applies here. It is not an album of special invention, but it shows how it should be done, and in so doing, it throws up some amazing songs. Buy it before they stop making it. Seriously.

    Posted on November 21, 2009