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Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide

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  • Was Nailbomb better in the Studio? Certainly yes. Is this a poor excuse for a live album? Definitely not. The sound quality isn’t top notch, but it’s not as bad as some make it out to be. The energy of the band is definitely there and a variety of other musicians helped Max and Alex out throughout the show. Nailbomb was meant to be a studio only album and they decided to only play three shows. Those three shows became two and this album was recorded on the second. Here’s how you will know if you will like this album or not. Buy Nailbomb’s Remastered Point Black, Which for some reason features about half of this album as bonus tracks. I personally think that both albums should have been remastered and released as a two disc set, but Roadrunner Records is illogical. Anyways, if you like the live songs on the remaster then, you will enjoy this album. I can’t give this album 5 stars because it still doesn’t beat the studio recordings but it does come pretty damn close.

    Posted on November 22, 2009