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Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs

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  • While many people hold this in high regard as one of the best albums the ministry ever made. I think it’s more of an update on what was left off with The mind and Land. Every track this record spews into your face is just another heavy assualt on the ears after another. Opening the right way with NWO, utilizes the use of catchy beats from the synth and proper guitar riffs and so forth, Al’s distorted growls go well with the endless samples. Concerening Al’s old heroin habit it looks as if Just one Fix takes a life of its own with loud Sabbath-esque riffs and pounding drums, this track puts you into Al’ss perspective with his addiction problems, good remixes with WSB on the single too. TV2 is built louder and faster then the original (which is the same only with a better vocalist), shame how connelly got screwed over, Al’s screaming on this song is boarderline annoying, but nothing’s better then laughing along to the lyrics. Hero is noisy crap about war, good lyrics and a nice solo through the middle of the track. Then the old hit Jesus Built my Hotrod captures the beauty of fast cars and insanity with a completely new singer taking charge, the vocals are hilarious and catchy but very incoherent at the same time, awesome guitaring too. I do prefer the mix with the samples more. Things progressively slow down with the almost grunge-metal sounding sludge of Scarecrow, I’ve no idea what the lyrics actually mean, but the slow jam is awesome, also there’s those Led Zep similairities and whatnot. Title track is another slow desend into samples and reilgious madness (PRAISE JESUS!) good actual song outside of the sampling. But the industrial metal stops here with some of the harshest noise/dance tracks I’ve ever f**king heard outside of the earlier industrial acts. Corrosion is a favourite of mine only to crank real damn loud and to annoy everyone else around me, with a brutal beat and an even more brutal sound and to top it all off whatever vocals that would’ve sounded even slightly appropriate are just roars of terror. I love that track. Then the noise-exprimental Grace is the perfect example of Ministry using a synth to their advantage. I do warn Grace will give you a headache if you aren’t tripping on any substance.

    Even though this album failed to make as much as an impact NIN did during the same year, I do think that this is a waaaay more important and intelligant (wrong word to use) then anything Broken offered. Broken was getting back at those wronged Trent (isn’t it that way all the time with Reznor?) Psalm 69 was a balls-out depiction of all things evil during that period of time. Why ministry failed after this is a mystery to me but everyone will still have all of the great musical memories.

    Even if they make our ears bleed.

    Posted on December 17, 2009