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Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed And The Way To Suck Eggs

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  • This record definitely to me lost some of the industrial magic that made “Mind is a Terrible Thing” so creative. On the other hand though, the production on this record is a lot better and this really does sound more like Metal to me. The guitars thrash heavy and distorted, the bass will give you a whipping, and as usual Al Jourgeson’s passion in his singing will help you to appreciate the anger behind all this music more. Overall, there’s a lot more guitar playing on this one. Yes, this record is definitly meatier then it’s predecessor, but like the previous, it will not suite everyone. It’s again a lot like the previous record, each song consists of about 2 guitar riffs, 3 at most and they just repeat over and over, although this record does have more variety in terms of its lyrics. This is just what Ministry’s music is all about though, and even though most people will discard it by just saying “these guys have no talent, it’s just the same thing over and over,” the music is begging for you to look deeper, b/c even though it may not seem like there’s much variety to each song, each song is VERY unique and it seems an equal amount of work went into each one. So that in turn tells me, No song could be released as a single, or EVERY song can be released as a single. To those who have never heard anything my Ministry before, I’d highly recommend listening to “Mind is a Terrible Thing” FIRST at least 2 times, then that’ll show you what this band is all about, what they’re trying to express. If you end up liking it, then you can pick up “Psalm 69″ and it’ll be the same band, but experimenting with their own sound and musical idea further, and most likely you will like this one too. Ministry is definitely very very original, and Al Jourgeson is definitly what I call an artist.

    Posted on December 17, 2009