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Psychotic Supper

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  • I own ALL of Tesla’s stuff, bought when it came out ( Mechanical Resonance and Great Radio Controversy on VINYL for crying out loud!), and I think this is their best. Granted, it’s tough to choose a best from a band with this kind of TALENT (they have NO PEERS), but after about a million listens I have to go with Psychotic Supper; yes, it rocks even harder than Mech Resonance. These guys are freakin’ ARTISTS. I saw there was only 1 review for this CD; that’s SAD. Wake up, people!! All Tesla’s stuff gets 5++ stars. Serious guitar work, here. If you dig Tesla, check out Badlands 1st CD; they are the only other band I know of that even approaches the talent of Tesla. Buy the CD, you CAN’T go wrong!

    Posted on January 18, 2010