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Purgatory Dance Party

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  • Ok, this review is a little biased as I am a long-time Dog Fashion Disco fan. In January 2007 DFD called it a day after 6 wonderful albums, climaxing with the amazing Adultery. I knew of Polkadot Cadaver immediately and was eagerly waiting to hear new material. The band consists of DFD original members, vocalist Todd Smith and drummer John Ensminger, along with guitarist Jasan Stepp who joined in late 2004. Lets be honest: This IS Dog Fashion Disco part II and that’s a GREAT thing. DFD was one of the most original and talented bands in the eclectic rock/metal genre. Polkadot Cadaver does literally pick up where DFD left off. The stream-of-consciousness lyrics, the insane time signature and musical style changes, they are all present. Purgatory Dance Party is an amazing blend of pop/rock/metal/jazz/dance fury. There is even some electronic drums this time around that adds to the dancy feel of some songs There are lush acoustic songs (Chloroform Girl/Haunted Holiday) and quirky jazz/polka tunes (Wolf In Jesus Skin). I cannot say enough great things about this record. The DFD boys have done it again. This is one of the most original albums of the year and is a must have for fans of DFD…obviously. To everyone else still unaware of how great this group of musicians is then check them out. DFD called it a day because they never got the label support or attention they deserved after all those years of constant touring, yet they are still here in a different form making exciting new music that is equally dark as it is humorous and fun. Get this record NOW! Nuff said.

    By the way, there is like 20+ mins of SATAN at the end of the record. You’ll see. :P

    Posted on November 24, 2009