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Purgatory Dance Party

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  • I had heard of Dog Fashion Disco before but never listened to them. One day,
    searching for something new, I came across this disc. Not knowing immediately that one band morphed into another, I listened to some of the tracks from Purgatory Dance Party. I usually lean towards metal, but I have always liked Faith No More and Mr.Bungle, and the similarities are apparent.
    But something about Polkadot Cadaver grabbed my interest faster than those others did back in the day (maybe older,more mature?). The excellent mix of styles pulled me in, forcing me to instantly order the cd. In addition, I started searching out Dog Fashion Discos back catalog and found them to be just as awesome. This cd has been in my stereo on repeat for the past month and will continue to be. Highly recommended.
    Just as a side note, I noticed a lot of people comparing PC and DFD to the obvious Mike Patton influence, but with those bands John Zorn was a
    huge influence on them. Check out the Naked City disc
    especially, or some of his other projects and see were some of this stemmed from.

    Posted on November 24, 2009