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Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia

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  • Dimmu Borgir is:

    Vocals – Shagrath
    Guitar – Galder
    Guitar – Silenoz
    Keyboard – Mustis
    Bass – Vortex
    Drums – Nicholas Barker

    Dimmu Borgir is Norway,s premier black metal band at its best!! This album is great, not containing a sore song anywhere. The musicianship is extraordinary and the production is much better than that of your typical black metal band. The music on this cd is more brutal than “Death Cult Armeggedon,” the band’s newest album, but this album contains more musical shifts and more complex art within each individual song. The addition of an orchestra fills in those eerie evil moments. Although it is not a full blown orchestra, such as the one from Prague that they used for “Death Cult Armaggedon”, it still adds to its complex musical structure.

    Of, course, there is one downfall of their lyrical structure: It reveals they are blatantly satanic. The lyrics are well thought out and VERY complex, but once you realize what its trying to say it goes downhill from there….. But through most of the cd it wouldn’t really matter because you can’t really interpret what Shagrath is saying. One thing I do appreciate about Shagrath’s singing is that he doesn’t have violent screams for singing. Instead he sings in a deep thrash voice, which allows the listener to listen without having to clench his face every time he hears Shagrath singing. When Vortex comes along though, you can really sense the world getting darker around you. His voice is hauntingly awesome and it adds to the demonic aspect of the music.

    1. Fear and Wonder – 5/5 – Excellent peice performed by Dimmu’s guest orchestra. The violins and cellos prepares you with a dark feel of the music so you’ll be prepared for the rest of the cd.

    2. Blessing’s Upon the Throne of Tyranny – 5/5 – Awesome title, even better music. There are many riff switches in this song, keeping you headbanging nonstop. A couple mini breakdowns too, which are always nice additions.

    3. King’s of the Carnival Creation – 5/5 – Great song, diverse from any other black metal song I have heard. The verse contains lighting fast heretas (drum term) performed by Nick on the double bass. This is first song on cd that introduces Vortex’s clean haunting voice.

    4. Hybrid Stygmata: The Apostacy – 5/5 – A beast of a song, begin with an orchestra, and Shagrath screams out of nowhere, thus beginning the headbanging. Catchy guitar riffs backed up by the orchestra. The song starts to go peaceful when Vortex starts to sing. 4 or 5 tempo changes within the song also.

    5. Architecture of a Genocidal Nature – 4/5 – One of those songs where you don’t know what’s gonna happen next. First 100 mph music, then it goes to soft style, and back to the 100 mph music.

    6. Puritania – 6/5 – This song blew me away. “We do away with your kind” and then came the countdown and out popped the guitar. Best song on the cd, but unfortunately, the shortest. This song is the easiest to understand lyrically. It’s basically about cleansing the world of the human race.

    7. IndoctriNation – 5/5 – Fastest song on the cd besides “Maelstrom Mephisto”. Very melodic sections between the verses. Then out of nowhere comes an orchestral solo with a voice speaking in the background. Intensely evil.

    8. The Maelstrom Mephisto – 5/5 – Another great song. THE fastest song on the cd. I’m surprised Nick didn’t pass out while recording this because he is amazingly fast. My favorite appearance of Vortex is on this song, his voice is so hauntingly beautiful. Especially when backed up by orchestral and drum movements.

    9. Absolute Sole Right – 4/5 – Not the best song on the album in my opinion, but still excellent if comparing to other band’s music. Another speed it up song like “The Maelstrom Mephisto” and “IndoctriNation.”

    10. Sympozium – 5/5 – Best orchestral tune I think. If you take out the drums, it sounds like the intro to a horror movie. Completely haunting, and the guitar parts in this song reminds me of Children of Bodom’s style. Shagrath’s voice adds to the haunting aspects of the song.

    11. Perfection or Vanity – 5/5 – It would have been a 6, but it was too short and repetive. AWESOME melody though. A kind of haunting song but also kind of gives you a sense of hope and awakening. You could almost, ALMOST classify it as a concept album if you look at it theme and morale wise.

    This was great Dimmu Borgir album and I HIGHLY recommend any metal listener to check it out………IMMEDIATELY!!!!


    Posted on March 15, 2010