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  • Pyromania, the band’s sophomore effort with Mutt Lange and third release overall, was the band’s attempt to make a ‘Sgt Peppers’ for the 80s, something that combined influences, new sounds, slick production, and raw talent and energy into a massivley influential, commercial monster. It succeeded in every facet. From the keyboard kickoff of Rock Rock! (something every 80’s band would copy), this album never lets up. It’s not as raw and uneven as the slightly heavier High n Dry, but it definitley keeps it’s edge throughout, thanks to Steve Clark and Phil Collen’s relentless guitar attack. Everyone knows the singles (photograph, Foolin, Rock of Ages) but the treasures on this album are the epic tracks, like Too Late, Die Hard the Hunter, and Billy’s Got a Gun. Storytelling masterpeices, they’re just long enough to be epic, without seeming as overblown and Rush-ish as ‘The Overture’. The rest of this album measures up as well, not a single weak track is to be found. Joe Elliot finally finds his voice, as well. On his first two releases he couldn’t really carry a tune all too well, but Pyromania shows him really developing a strong voice in all areas, rock-outs and ballads. Pyromania laid the groudwork for the rest of 80’s rock-pop to follow. Leppard would repeat this trick with the slightly-not-as-good Hysteria 4 years later, but Pyromania stands as their finest hour.

    Posted on January 3, 2010