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  • Many thanks to Planet X for another ride in their universe of very different and interesting music. This album is a breath of fresh air. I own all of PX albums and I follow them since their first output “Universe”. I find this as one of the most focused efforts of theirs. First of all I prefer Garsed to Macalpine on the guitar chair. I think Brett fits better this kind of “alien” music even if Tony played very well on the other releases from the band. Rumors are that for the next chapter the band will have Greg Howe on board. I hope it could be true because Greg is probably the biggest gun in these territories. Holdsworth plays here just a couple of solos, they are nice but don’t change the overall feel of the music … Brett contributes a lot more. What you can find here are a lot of dispair times at the point that sometimes you lose the guys. It is very funny and interesting. If you are a musician you have a lot to think about here rhytmically. If you are not, don’t worry because the music is really entertaining if you love this style (metal plus fusion I may say). I really appreciate Virgil Donati’s drumming. Sometimes I find myself focusing on his playing and wow, I have to say that he’s incredible. I hope this band will release more albums in this area … I think it is something new and that this style has the potentials to be something even more interesting in the future. But this Quantum is already a very nice album that I find myself listening over and over. Even better than Moonbabies if you want. Bravo to the guys, Brett and Virgil in particular.

    Posted on March 7, 2010