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Queen: Greatest Hits III

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  • The title is a misnomer. This is not a Greatest Hits album but rather is a musical scrap bin. I’m not complaining, since Queen didn’t need a third GR album anyway. Face it, most of these cuts never saw the light of day on US radio stations. GR albums are for people who like a band but don’t really love the band. They act as a conduit to those who may come to find that they really do have a taste for the group, and wind up wanting more. This is not such an album. What non-Queen lover would look at the track listing, and say ‘Hey, I know these songs! I should buy this.’? The album was made to bleed more dollars out of true Queen fans hungry for good material.What I’d like to see, as would apparently most other Queen fans from what I read, is a collection of Queen rarities and NOT remixes and re-releases of songs we already have.I’ve been a serious fan of Queen since the summer of 1980 and am quite familiar with their music- both as a group and solo. I have all the original releases: Star Fleet, Mr. Bad Guy, Barcelona (basically ALL that there is to have).What I’d like to see if for the repackaging to end, and for the record company to start listening to the requests of serious fans. Wouldn’t you like to see a multi-CD set of original-form, hard-to-find songs, particularly the ‘lost’ B-sides. How about a digital release of Taylor’s solo single from 1977! That’s about the one Queen-related cut I’ve never heard! How about the cut-to-the-chase 7-inch single version of Star Fleet (radio edit)? What do you think, Mr or Ms Queen lover?Hey Hollywood Records! Listen to serious Queen fans for a change. We’re tired of buying rehashed releases!

    Posted on February 1, 2010