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Queen II

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  • I’ve owned many Queen albums for many years and this is the one that’s at the top of my list hands down. A Night At The Opera was excellent, but what they achieved on that album dosen’t come close to the depth and complexity of this progressive rock/metal masterpiece. This is basically one large dark, medieval and complex 40 minute epic split into 11 sections, or songs. This starts off with the guitar instrumental “Procession”, flows into the heavy medieval rocker “Father To Son”,then flows into “White Queen”, which is soft but features heavy parts in it. Then comes “Some Day One Day”, a soft rocker sung by Brian May. “The Loser In The End”, is a rocker, this time sung by Roger Taylor. Now comes “Ogre Battle”, probably the heaviest on the disc. Then comes my favorite progression of the album: “The Fairy Feller’s Master-Stroke”, is very quirky and manic and is very all over the place. It’s actually based on a painting by Richard Dadd, and the painting is just as complicated as the song is. The mania is now calm as we flow into the beautiful and haunting “Nevermore”, which features Freddie’s beautiful and heavenly falsetto. Now we enter the climactic epic of the album “The March Of The Black Queen”, if you thought “Bohemian Rhapsody”, was bizarre, well this is probably over the rainbow bizarre. There are many tempo shifts, idea changes and it is unbelievable. I can’t even explain it, you have to hear it on your own. Now we flow into “Funny How Love Is”, which is very pop oriented and finally lightens up the mood for the otherwise dark album. And It ends with the only hit of the album “Seven Seas Of Rhye”.Overall, to me this was Queen’s shining hour.P.S. It took me 5 months to appreciate this albm as a whole, and I was 12 years old when I first got it. I wouldn’t recommend starting off with this album as it can be too much for the unexperienced Queen fan. Start off with their Greatest hit albums, News Of The World and A Night At The Opera to get a feel for Queen’s art rock and hard rock roots. Then after you feel tired of those, then you can get into Queen at their most progressive and out there- and best-Queen II.Thanks.

    Posted on December 26, 2009