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Queen of the Damned

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  • Very few soundtracks anymore actually match and capture the content and the atmosphere of the movie it was made for, but the Queen of the Damned soundtrack stays true to the movie. As we all know, Jonathan Davis (Korn) and Richard Gibbs wrote and composed 5 of the songs on here, but due to legal issues with Korn’s label, Epic, Jonathan’s vocals could only appear in the movie, but not on the soundtrack. Five well known vocalists were brought in to sing these songs instead. The songs are: ‘Not Meant For Me’ sung by Wayne from Static-X, ‘Forsaken’ sung by David from Disturbed (My personal favorite song on here), ‘System’ sung by Chester from Linkin Park, ‘Redeemer’ sung by Marilyn Manson himself, and ‘Slept So Long’ sung by Jay from Orgy. A few of the songs feature Head & Munky from Korn on guitars and Sam Rivers from Limp Bizkit on bass, but other than those few songs, Jonathan handles all the bass, guitar and some drum work. These five songs are undeniably the highlight of the album. As I said before, ‘Forsaken’ is my favorite out of the whole CD, and I think many will agree with me that it is the best. ‘Redeemer’ was very cool, and I don’t even like Marilyn Manson. The rest of the songs on here are previously released tracks, but it is good to see them here because they fit the movie so well. Static-X contribute their new single “Cold,” Disturbed have the infamous “Down With The Sickness,” and of course, like so many other soundtracks/compilations out there, Deftones’ “Change (In the House of Flies)” is included. I have lost track of how many copies of that song I have by now. The tracks by Kidneythieves and Tricky are also great. They are very eerie and moody and match the film. Overall, if you buy one soundtrack this year, make it “Queen of the Damned.”(Buyer beware: The tracklisting on the back of the CD and in the booklet is in the incorrect order. The listing on the CD is the only correct one)

    Posted on December 13, 2009