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Queen of the Damned

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  • despite never seeing the movie(yet), i heard that its soundtrack was really good. so i decided to check it out on amazon[.com] and download a couple of songs. after listening to them, i decided to go buy the soundtrack. it is awesome! all the songs are so excellent. unlike a lot of movie soundtracks, which jump from rock songs to pop songs to jazz songs, it sticks with one general type of music-hard rock. anyway, i will give you a quick rating of each song-1. not meant for me-5/52. forsaken-5/53. system-5/5 FAV SONG! chester’s voice is awesome!4. change(in the house of flies)-kinda creepy vocals, but cool-4.5/55. redeemer-never been a big manson fan,but i like this song weird beginning-4.5/56. dead cell-not quite fitting for the soundtrack, but i like this song-4.5/57. penetrate-3.5/58. slept so long-5/59. down with the sickness-im not a big disturbed fan, either, but this song is pretty cool-4/510. cold-4.5/511. headstrong-4/512. body crumbles-i originally downloaded a diff. version of this song. i love it, either way-5/513. excess-3.5/5 this one is growing on me..14. before i’m dead- 3.5/5 this one is growing on me, too..overall, i kickass soundtrack! there is no bad song on this soundtrack..the songs that i gave 3.5s to might even be able to be 4s.i just havent listened to them enough yet. this cd has a dark vibe to it, obviously. i love it! i can listen to the whole thing without having to skip a song. definetly worth the money!

    Posted on December 13, 2009