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  • Queen’s first album, and one of their finest. The opening “Keep Yourself Alive” track is absolutely one of the most powerful (and empowering!) tunes I have ever heard; great to wake up to, great to work out to. Of all the songs on this album, “Keep Yourself Alive” seems to have gotten the most radio play on the classic rock stations, and rightfully so.That is not to say that whole album isn’t solid; the entire CD is one of the best debut albums ever. That 70s “progressive rock” aura really shines in songs like “My Fairy King” and “Liar.”Other underrated gems include “King Rat,” a thundering cynical ode, yet bearing the same energy as “Keep Yourself Alive,” and the instrumental “Seven Seas of Rhye,” which is a hint of a more thorough and satisfying version of the tune that winds up on their following album “Queen II.”Queen was such an impressive group that you owe it to yourself not to settle for any of their “Greatest Hits” compilations. Every album up to their 1978 release “Jazz” are excellent. This is a good pick to start the collection.

    Posted on November 29, 2009