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  • I own many Queen cd’s, and this was probably the one I appreciated the least out of my Queen collection. But some 2 years later, I started listening to it more after wearing out Q2, Sheer Heart Attack and A Night at the Opera. It started growing on me big time. “Keep Yourself Alive”, was the hit of the album, but honestly is my least favorite of the disc. “Doing All Right”, is soft/heavy, and beautiful. “Great King Rat”, is regal Queen at their finest. “My Fairy King”, is probably my favorite or second favorite on here, as it shows Queen at the progressive rock leanings, as they began to develop and mature as the years went on. It mixes Hard Rock, Classical, and Opera like influences and you can hear Freddie’s flamboyance throughout. “Liar”, another great track and as well as “fairy king”, is more like a complex epic. “The Night Comes Down”, is soft. “Modern Times…”, is a 2-minute fast paced heavy rocker sung by Roger Taylor. “Son & Daughter”, is a glam-heavy metal song with Freddie’s androgynous and venomous vocals. Great stuff. “Jesus”. Great Tune. It sounds theatrical and as if it came from a broadway musical.Overall, this was a great start for Queen, and it gave hints at what the band would become later on.thanks.

    Posted on November 29, 2009