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  • Sadly, Queen has always been merited by their FM friendly hits rather than by the qualities of their albums. Believe me, there is much more to Queen than what comes out of radio waves or VH 1! Rather than buying greatest hits compilations you should obtain studio albums that cover various stages of their prolific career. Queen I is in this respect among the essential first. “Queen” is a heavy metal album, and a defining one at that. Brian May’s guitar is brutal throughout. Roger Taylor’s drumming is frantic, yet to the point. Freddie Mercury’s qualities go without saying and John Deacon’s bass is fat and steady in the best John Paul Jones and Entwistle tradition. The production is of course not as crisp as any of the later albums, but this is not necessarily a drawback. Gives the tunes all the more a rougher, livelier edge. The album has this undefinable energetic, youthful and earnest pulse to it. Makes your blood boil! The songs: “Keep yourself alive” – catchy hard rock anthem and a stage favorite for years. Addictive guitar riff!!”Doing Allright” – Angelic voice and piano from Freddie during opening bars serve as ominous “quiet before the storm” passage as Brian May furisously roars in with axe attacks all over the place. “Great King Rat” – Heavy metal crunch with numerous themes and mother riffs. Heroic Mercury.”My Fairy King” – Art pop-rock. Dreamy listening sensation as piano sounds, drums and guitars effortlessly seem to melt together towards the end of the track.”Liar” – This is my favorite Queen song…period. A loud mixture of styles, but with feet solidly planted on heavy metal soil. THIS IS WHAT QUEEN WAS ALL ABOUT! “Night Comes Down” – This acoustic ballad kicks off and ends with eerie acoustic guitar runs. The ballad makes a nice balancing contrast to the otherwise loud album.”Modern Times Rock’N'Roll – This track is every bit as wild as “Sheer Heart Attack” on News of the World. Fast and furious. Great guitar solos.”Son And Daughter” – Led Zep like Heavy Blues tune with one of the finest guitar riffs in rock history”Jesus” – March like hard rock tribute to Christ. Fast instrumental mid section. “Seven Seas of Rhye” – A short prelude to the UK top 10 hit featured on Queen II.Essential! PLAY LOUD!!

    Posted on November 29, 2009