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Queens of the Stone Age

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  • Josh Homme is, like another reviewer said, a genius. His project, Queens of the Stone Age are a relentless force, chugging out desert-like riffs and steady drumming. His wailing vocal is very cool, and is one of the best since John Garcia first came on to the scene. I like to call this porno-stoner-rock, because of the more used topic of women in their music, much opposed to the usual, dune buggy-van-desert-sunset music. Still, this does not stray far from the usual stoner rock, with their sun baked riffs. This CD is fast paced and packed chock full of bluesy melodies like “Regular John”, “You Would Know”, “I Was a Teenage Hand Model”, and “Avon”. They are very talented guitar players, too, and their riffs aren’t hard, but they certainly are harder to play than bands like sHEAVY, who sound like they have never played before. This is a great item, great band, and great individual musicians as well. Check this out if you’re into Hendrix or Clutch.

    Posted on February 6, 2010