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Queensryche - Greatest Hits

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  • In August of 2004, I bought this CD out of sheer curiosity. I had a craving for new music, and had heard good things about the music of Queensryche and the vocals of Geoff Tate. Buying this CD has started me on a new journey which I am greatly enjoying.

    Most of their classic hits are here. Opening with the amazing “Queen Of The Reich” followed by “The Lady Wore Black,” one cannot help but be amazed that these two songs were part of a demo(?!). In particular, “The Lady Wore Black” is sure to amaze.

    But the amazement doesn’t stop there. Tons of great tracks follow, including rockers such as “The Warning,” “Jet City Woman,” and “Walk In The Shadows.” Also great ballads, such as “Silent Lucidity” and in particular “I Dream In Infared.” “Eyes Of A Stranger” made my jaw drop in amazement. “I Don’t Believe In Love” at first sounds like a corny song title, but it’s lyrics reflect something completely different (I’ll let you find out when you buy the CD), and the song itself rocks. “Take Hold Of The Flame” has one vocal passage starting right around the 1:00 mark that made me spazz out, it was so good.

    My love for “Eyes Of A Stranger” and amazement for “I Don’t Believe In Love” made me research the concept album from which they were lifted (Operation: Mindcrime). After hearing the album through a friend, I ran out and bought myself a copy (the remastered one with bonus tracks). At that moment I knew I was hooked. Up to the present day, I have acquired copies Q2K and the remastered editions of EP, The Warning, Rage For Order, and Empire, and also managed to score tickets to see them live (performing all of the Mindcrime album).

    Though there are a lot of great songs missing (I only know now after hearing the albums), this disc serves as a great, quick intro to a truly amazing band. I am quickly becoming a raving Queensryche fanatic because of this album. There is no better intro to the band, so this is a great place to start. Recommended to anyone who loves metal, progressive rock, and amazing, high-tenor vocals. This will start you on a journey that will take you beyond your wildest musical dreams.


    Posted on November 22, 2009