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Queensryche - Greatest Hits

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  • First off, the disc sounds wonderful. Remastering the old songsfrom the 80’s was a great idea, and the depth and clarity are topnotch. Standouts have to be “Queen of the Reich” and “Warning.” I never noticed just how powerful they were until I heard the remastered versions. Very nicely done.Unfortunately, the song selection could have been much better. Queensrÿche did not have any say in the songs that were included, as EMI/Virgin released the disc, and QR is now a part of ATLANTIC Records. Clearly, EMI is trying to make some cash off the band, and beef up their catalogue.My gripe with the choices is especially with the selections from RAGE FOR ORDER. “Walk in the Shadows” is great, but WHY did the label select “I Dream in Infrared”? I would have preferred songs that got noticed during the MTV Unplugged sessions – “The Killing Words” and “I Will Remember.”In addition, while “I Don’t Believe in Love” and “Eyes of a Stranger” were big hits on MTV off of the OPERATION: Mindcrime album, one of the biggest hits for the fans is the opener of “Anarchy-X/Revolution Calling.” That too should have been on this compilation.Also, while the two bonus tracks were nice, they could have left them off, and put on two more remastered hits. Quite honestly, “Chasing Blue Sky” and the full band version of “Someone Else” really didn’t have the impact as some of the other released singles did. They are “ok” songs, but I would have taken advantage of the space to remaster some older hits.”Another Rainy Night” from the EMPIRE album was a good song and well known, as was the song “You” from HEAR IN THE NOW FRONTIER. Both got heavy radio airplay, and would have been ideal choices for the disc.Other than that, it is indeed a “history lesson” in the evolution of the band. It was mixed well, each song leading nicely into the next, and as I said before, the sound quality is top notch. Overall, a fitting tribute to one of the most influential bands in the last 20 years.Here’s to another 20 years of groundbreaking hard rock/heavy metal from Queensrÿche!

    Posted on November 22, 2009