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  • Coming out of the still nascent Seattle scene (Heart being the first to bust out from there) This EP was recorded in 1982 and didn’t get released until late 1983 by EMI. I first heard “Queen Of The Reich” on the late-night “Metal Shop” program aired from WIYY-98Rock, and I was immediately in shock and awe! I heard the best of JP, Maiden, and the Scorpions all rolled into one (Queensryche)! I bought the EP as soon as I saw it on the record rack and played it for my friends, who were all blown away by the awsomeness of the Queensryche sound! I saw them open for Judas Priest during their tour for the “Warning” album and they were FANTASTIC! Here are my reviews of the songs based out of 5 *****:
    “Queen Of The Reich” – Cymbals and a quick drum thump lead into a scorching guitar melody and a Geoff Tate piercing howl. A heavy, thumping bass and galloping guitars. Fantastic drumming from Scott Rockenfield (a true metal drummer’s last name!) as well as scorching guitar solos from DeGarmo and Wilton. Geoff sounds terrific! A fast-paced metal onslaught that grabs you by the throut and shreds your vocal chords. Some of the highest pitched screams ever put on vinyl. This is the song that brought the band worldwide attention and shook the metal genre up. A CLASSIC! Rating – *****
    “Nightrider” – Sounds alot like Judas Priest’s “Dissident Aggressor” (actually the opening IS “Dissident Aggressor”!). Another furiously paced tune with very heavy drumming and bass lines. Very heavy song. A combination of Diano Iron Maiden and early Judas Priest. Doing Judas Priest BETTER than JP was at the time! A GREAT song! Rating – *****
    “Blinded” – - Opens with very heavy drum and bass with power chord guitaring. Man can Scott Rockenfield f’n slam those drum skins! Some fine bass playing from Eddie Jackson as well. Has a repetitive melody “the voices keep calling….” to end the song. Another very heavy hitting, hard rocking piece of sonic art! The gems keep on being mined! Rating – *****
    “the Lady Wore Black” – The only song on the EP penned by Tate. Opens with an eerie sounding electronic wind, ala Def Leppard’s “Too Late For Love”. Soft guitar and ballad like tempo to open the tune. Some heartfelt singing by Tate. The tempo really picks up for the chorus and then returns to the opening ballad form. Guitar solo sounds alot like the Scorpions “Still Loving You”. This song got the most airplay off of the EP, and deservedly so because this song ROCKS! The future sound of Queensryche is heard on this song as the band would lean towards the more melodic Tate songs. Rating – ****
    The icing on the cake here is the bonus live concert from 8/5/84 in Japan. The band not only does the whole EP, but what makes this truly special is that they are playing a PREVIEW of thier forthcoming album “The Warning”! That’s right, the album hadn’t been released, and the band was practicing these new songs for the forthcoming tour in support of this new album! The concert sounds fantastic! The band is as tight as a drum and as solid as steel! The liner notes say this was taken from a video/laser disc and transferred to CD. WHERE CAN I GET A COPY OF THE VIDEO? Why hasn’t this been released on DVD? This needs to be put on the market NOW! Anyway, this EP destroyed most of the other metal/rock albums that were released in ‘83. This is a true classic that deserves to be recognized as one of the best rock debuts ever! If you are a true music lover that appreciates musicianship, BUY THIS NOW! You will not be disappointed!

    Posted on December 16, 2009