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  • This disc is a remastered collection of Queensryche’s first EP (tracks 1-4) and Queensryche: Live In Tokyo (tracks 5-14) which was previously only available on video. Tracks one through four include songs “Queen of the Reich” and “The Lady Wore Black”; both classic, hard-hitting Queensryche tunes from the early days of American metal. “Queen of the Reich” depicts the band’s true influences of English metal, with a thunderous sound that will leave no doubt in your mind that these lads were listening to the likes of Priest and Maiden just like the rest of us were. “The Lady Wore Black” is track four on the disc, and already begins to display the quintessential sound of Queensryche that many would not be introduced to until later in the 1980’s. Both of these tracks reappear in the latter part of the disc as live tracks taken from a Tokyo show in August of ‘84.

    Tracks five through fourteen are from the band’s live performance in Tokyo around the time the “Warning” album was released. The tracks include all the songs from the EP as well as tracks from the “Warning” album such as “En Force”, and one of my favorites “Take Hold of the Flame”. The live segment ends with the song “Queen of the Reich” in all of it’s thunder and glory. Tate’s voice is insane, as is the rest of the band’s fury, especially Scott Rockenfield’s drums. This track alone makes the entire disc worth it in my opinion.

    The remastering of this collection is second to none. The live tracks are so good that it’s like you have the classic 1984 line up live in your living room playing before you. I am usually big on original recordings, because often the sound which is so much the identity of the band, can get lost or mis-translated during the course of a remastering session, but that is not the case here. This collection sounds incredible, and you can’t beat the price. Just make sure you have a good understanding of your local noise ordinances prior to inserting this disc in your cd player, because this collection will undoubtly have you looking for the highest volume setting. “Queensryche” (remastered) is a must for any 1980’s fan of pure Heavy Metal.

    Posted on December 16, 2009